Library Event

After much fanfare, we had our first dedicated library event in place of our April meeting. The library had invited us to add an event to their calendar and we took them up on the offer. There was a fair bit of work that went on behind the scenes to pull it all together, but on the day it went seamlessly and that’s a big credit to the club members. Everyone pitched in and made it a HUGE success. It was a success by any metric: 6 (yes, six) new members joined, a tidy sum in was added to the club coffers from the raffle and plant sales, we generated good will with the library, we worked together like a well-oiled machine and had a great day in the bargain. I don’t think a single person regretted the event by the end of the day, even those wiping and storing the dirty tables!

We all owe a special thanks to Alexander for volunteering to be our on-site expert. He was inundated with questions (and what looked like groupies 😮 ) I’m not convinced he even had time for a cup of tea. (Thanks Elaine for volunteering him!)

I have no idea how many plants were donated by club members but it was in the hundreds. We priced them at $0.50, $1.00, $2.00 and $5.00 wanting to keep the price attractive and plants sold like hotcakes in every range – especially those $5 bargains!


After the dust had settled, we were left with a few boxes of plants that we happily donated to the Secret Garden. I’m sure everyone in the club knows about, enjoys and appreciates the Secret Garden. It’s nice to think the good feeling from our meeting is spreading through the community via these plants.

Don’t forget to check out the gardening column in the Hills to Hawkesbury Living Magazine. It appears in every issue and features information about the goings on in this club.


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