The Secret Garden

IMG_6508-001July had 5 Thursdays which means the garden club got to go on an excursion. This one was a visit to the Secret Garden on the grounds of the University of Western Sydney. It was one of those lovely Sydney winter days that make you realise we do live in the best spot on the planet!

IMG_6523IMG_6512Karen welcomed us and, with the help of a chicken, introduced us to the resident pigs, Molly and Petunia, a goat, Marsha, and the various ducks, chooks and guinea pigs who call the garden home. The Secret Garden is located on UWS grounds but is managed by North West Disability Services. The garden is a therapy garden, it hosts training and educational programs, offers space for community gardens and provides a beautiful park-like setting for the public to enjoy. It’s open every Tuesday through Saturday and people are welcome to stroll at their leisure, have a picnic lunch at one of the strategically located tables and browse through the extensive variety of plants always on sale.

Their Spring Fair is coming up on Saturday, 12 September. Why not grab a friend and go along?

The garden runs on volunteers. They’re always looking for more people to lend a hand and share a smile in this friendly environment.

While we all had our morning cuppa and wandered through these lovely gardens, the ducks and chickens were hard at work keeping the garden pests under control. IMG_6516-002IMG_6519

At the end of the day I saw several members of the club heading home with purchases from the well-stocked and ever-so-tempting nursery that the Secret Garden runs. The proceeds go to help fund their programs, the plants go to good homes. What’s not to love about that arrangement?IMG_6514

Don’t forget our next meeting on Thursday 6 August when Susan Fenelly will talk to the club on rose water. At the same meeting we’ll be holding our Annual General Meeting. Also, check out the new gardening article in the Hills to Hawkesbury Living Magazine. It features information about the goings on in this club.


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