Inaugural Club Plant & Flower Show

October’s meeting centred around our club show. Obviously most of the club members spend a lot of time exercising their green thumb and this was a chance to show off the results.

In this, our first, club competition, we limited the categories to 3:

  • Best Single Species
  • Best Flower Arrangement
  • Best Pot Plant

The only restriction put in place was that you had to have owned the plant for at least 6 months to enter it in the competition.

As luck would have it, we’ve been hit by some early summer heat and many of the flowers suffered as a result. But that didn’t diminish the offerings too much, there was still plenty of colour to brighten the room.


Below are the results from each category of the competition:

Best Single Species: There were more than 10 entries in this category but the one judged to be the best was Elaine Greentree’s entry .

Best Flower Arrangement: This category went to Irene Smith. Hopefully her success will encourage more people to enter this category next year.

Best Pot Plant: This most hotly contested category was won by Val Anderson.


An overall winner was named as well. An 18 year old bonsai lovingly cared for by Chiu-Hsin-Dorn stole the show and scored its owner a beautiful flat slate, carved ‘vase’ for arranging Japanese type displays. Thanks to Wendy and Brian for donating this prize.


Chiu-Hsin-Dorn and her winning bonsai

Congratulations to the winners and a big thanks to all those who entered. This looks like it’s going to be a regular feature on our club calendar.

Another thanks is due to Wendy and Brian who took on the tough job of judging the show. While they scrutinised the entries, the rest of us enjoyed a trivia quiz. We always have great fun with the quiz and learn a lot in the bargain.

And finally, a big thanks to Betty, our hard working club president. She did a great job organising this event and acting as official photographer as well.


Don’t forget to checkout the upcoming meetings tab to find out what is happening at the club.





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